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Importers of Exotic Treasures From Bali & Beyond

The Jade Monkey has been working with small workshops in Bali since 1990 to bring you the finest quality woodcarvings and handicrafts.
We have watched our Artisans' family business grow with us, from tiny sheds with dirt floors to tiled showrooms and glass storefronts. We've watched their children grow up and go off to school; some have gone on to attend an university, a choice made possible by the success of their family business.
Raven Nielsen is the intrepid treasure-hunter you'll meet in our booth at Gift Shows, and the person to whom you will speak when you call us. Raven loves importing because it provides a market for handicrafts so the traditional skills of carving and weaving can continue to be passed down to future generations.
Sika is our Balinese friend and business associate who ships our containers and keeps in touch with our artisans' families. Sika is a community leader, skilled woodcarver, a painter whose works are collected by art lovers around the world, and a father of three. He and his family have been an integral part of The Jade Monkey since the very beginning. In fact, we couldn't have done it with out him! Thanks Sika!
So by purchasing your best-selling Bali crafts from The Jade Monkey, you're a part of an extended family. You are supporting cottage industry, and small businesses, while helping to create a world that is more colorful and diverse, not to mention more fun!
Thank you for your business!

To place an order with the Jade Monkey,
call us at (877) 538-JADE,
that's (877) 538-5233.

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